UIH Showroom


PROJECT / UIH Showroom

CLIENT / United Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd.

AREA / 1400 ㎡

LOCATION / Shanghai, China



United Imaging Healthcare Co. Ltd is a leading company in China which designs and manufactures high-end medical equipment and provides medical imaging systems of good quality to serve the primary health-care populations both in China and worldwide. HALLUCINATE was invited to design a showroom for its Shanghai headquarters.


HALLUCINATE sees the entrance of the showroom as an important opening of the sequence of spaces. Using the original height of the architecture, HALLUCINATE sets up a prolonged passage by adding an italic wall in order to enhance the narrative emotions of the entrance. After walking through the passage, the open and bright core area of the showroom appears in the eyes of the visitors. The passage does not only help to create tension and expectation but also strengthens the smoothness and continuity in the user experience of the showroom.


Italic, bold yet sensitive folded line structures on the vertical walls show a rebellious challenge towards the dull and monotonous traditional wall design. Visually, simple italic lines connect all the exhibits in different areas together so as to reinforce the dependent relationship between the space and the exhibits. Anodized aluminum circular columns embedded with LED screens serve as a tool for information announcement and also help to remove the heavy feelings brought by the large structural columns.


As a Best of Year 2014 honoree by Interior Design, HALLUCINATE was honored to attend The Interior Design Best of Year Awards ceremony which was held on 4th December 2014 in IAC by Frank Gehry in Manhattan, NYC. Among over 2000 worldwide submissions, the United Imaging Healthcare Showroom project by HALLUCINATE was one of the five project winners in the category of SHOWROOM.