CMB Gallery       


PROJECT / China Merchants Bank Gallery

CLIENT / China Merchants Bank


LOCATION / Shenzhen, China

HALLUCINATE, together with the Holland interactive multi-media company LUST, completed the China Merchants Bank’s History Exhibition Hall. In the minimalistic multi-media exhibition hall, HALLUCINATE adopts an encircling design for the walls to either circumvent or contain all the bearing structures of the hall, turning the compact rectangular space into an open exhibition area. The seamless circular interactive screen on the wall, which stretches for dozens of meters, perfectly combines the entry and exit into one by guiding visitors along the circular walls.


HALLUCINATE’s multi-media design enables dialogue between visitors and the exhibition. The guide comes in both “Brief Narration Mode” and “Detail Experience Mode” to suit individual needs. The “Black Interactive Circular Screen”, which stretches around the whole hall, presents main stories of the development of CMB in brief narration. In the meanwhile, several “Interactive Multi-media Experience Points”, as highlights in respective theme areas, offer self-service experience where visitors can explore detailed information for further understanding about the bank. Man-to-machine interactive experience is designed based on the individual identity of visitors, to allow them to explore stories and start “private conversations”.