CLIENT / Shenzhen Cheung Ning Dimond Co., Ltd.


LOCATION / Shenzhen, China

AWARDS / HKDA Global Design Awards

Built with a concept of “core”, the pavilion is itself an intro-encapsulated exhibition space and an honest interpretation of the reasonably controlled sense of estrangement.

HALLUCINATE intends to deliver the homogeneous pureness from the interior spatial form to its material structure, so that its design can adopt the characteristics of both light and white.


HALLUCINATE gives its own understanding of and solution to the relationship between the energy consumption and exhibition period of projects. Exhibitions are often subject to the vicious competition of business environment, with material cost far outweighing the value of exhibits themselves. HALLUCINATE rejects the meaningless waste caused by the pursuit of material consumption. Designers independently develop, through experiments and processing, curved shaped sound-absorbing cotton-padded tubes as the building facade. The internal support components are prefabricated irregular-shaped steel stands from factories, which significantly reduces the installation and dismantling time and maximizes the “flexible” space required by the design.